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Anderson prestressing system was applied to the concrete track girders for mono-rail in Seattle, Washington, USA
constructed by Concrete Technology Corporaton

Dr. Arthur R. Anderson
Dr. Arthur R. Anderson

With the purpose of investigation, planning, design, instruction, construction and maintenance of prestressed concrete structures, Anderson Technology Corporation (ATC) was established in 1979 as a Japanese-American joint enterprise with the right to implement multi-strands post-tensioning system that was developed by Dr. Arthur R. Anderson (1910~1995), one of the worldwide authorities on the prestressed concrete.

Various post-tensioning system are in practical use in Japan but Anderson system is the only system that was born in the USA.

We have refined on Anderson post-tensioning system to be fit for construction in Japan with various improvements and provide various materials and technical services in detail.
We also developed our own anchorage and coupler for pre-grouted internal tendon and external tendon systems with transparent sheathing that is called JSAS system.

We would like to pour our effort into the implementation this system not only for bridges and also for offshore structures, harbor facilities and guideway track for mono rail.

As we are intimating with many overseas enterprises and organizations, such as Concrete Technology Associates that is led by Concrete Technology Corporation and affiliated with ABAM Engineers Incorporated in the US, those relationships make us possible to introduce plentiful information and valuable prestressed concrete technology into Japan and we are intending untiringly to proceed with technical development and to persevere in our efforts to meet users' request in the future.


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